Supporting our clients is the priority of our company, without regard to the market sector in which they carry out their activity.

We understand their problems and speak their language, maximizing the value of their business operations and processes, all by combining people, processes, technology and business process reengineering.

What companies demand

Abai Group provides solutions to companies from any market sector that need to have innovative services that support they after-sales processes and customer acquisition through the use of digital transformation tools, efficiency and automation technologies.

Lower cost per contact

  • The business process reengineering and automation are tools that allow us to be a competitive partner in this new business framework.

Quality and efficiency in interaction

  • We implement a homogeneous and automatic analytical process that facilitates the healthy growth of the organization and its structural costs.

Full support in the process

  • Leads generation facilitates self-supply of outbound contact processes and allows creating an autonomous ecosystem of revenue contribution to the brand.

Business key figures

Abai Group has achieved with its technological platforms:

  • Our servers are 30% automated
  • Improvement of 15% in the efficiency of databases
  • Improvement of 25% in predictive modeling
  • Increase of 30% in operating efficiency


We believe our clients are the best guarantee of our professionalism. Leaning on emerging technologies aimed at digitization of companies, we offer our clients an unique integrated service model. This combines people management with innovative technologies and process reengineering, allowing to maximize the value of your operations and business processes, as well as improve your productivity and competitiveness.