Our company

Abai Group is a company specialized in customer relationship services, Business Process Outsourcing, omnichannel management with high-technological value,  Back Office services, Text & Speech Analytics, Voice & Chat bot, RPA and Big Data.

We have 8 centres located in the Spanish cities of Madrid, Barcelona, A Coruña, Zaragoza and Málaga, and in Manizales city in Colombia, with more than 3,700 professionals with a solid and extensive experience in different areas of specialization, which allow us to provide high quality services.

We offer our clients a unique integrated service model, relying on technologies aimed at digitization of processes. This combines people management with innovative technologies and optimization of processes, allowing to maximize the value of its operations and activities, as well as improve its productivity and competitiveness.


Our partners complement the solutions and capabilities of Abai Group with a solid specialized knowledge, offering clients the best of both companies.

In our Business Model, they are a key pillar to add value to our solutions and increase the success of our clients’ business, providing proximity, confidence and additional benefit to guarantee the best result for them. Abai Group has a network of partners consisting of prestigious companies that contribute to offering the highest quality of service and the best personalised customer service.

Our partners belong to different sectors. We have large consultancy firms, companies specialised in process management, utility companies and technological sector multinationals, companies specialised in artificial intelligence solutions, analytics, etc.

Our Values

Our values are built up day after day thanks to the commitment and talent of our professionals. We test ourselves with each project, giving our best to understand the challenges our clients face to develop solutions that add value to their business.

  • Our key words are team, confidence and talent.
  • Our labor exchange and best practices are based on respect and confidence.
  • Our integrity leads to better job, a better life and to a sustainable future.
  • Our ability lies in offering customized solutions and connecting the right people.
  • Our passion is to guide through business sense and innovation.
  • Go beyond what is necessary and to exceed the expectations.


We believe our clients are the best guarantee of our professionalism. Leaning on emerging technologies aimed at digitization of companies, we offer our clients a unique integrated service model. This combines people management with innovative technologies and process reengineering, allowing to maximize the value of your operations and business processes, as well as improve your productivity and competitiveness.