Client: Saunier Duval


Fully digitized contact center

For Saunier Duval, we have developed a fully digitized control umbrella, incorporating the latest natural language processing and Big Data technologies.

The main objective has been to speed up the reporting processes by 200% and the reduction of cases that go to the second level by 70%. To achieve this result, latest technologies have been implemented for the automatic determination of training needs, correction and feedback in real-time, all together with total control of key business ratios and KPIs in a completely visual environment.

Client: Telefónica Movistar


Back Office: Requests and processing workflow

 n order to achieve maximum efficiency in your processes, sometimes it is necessary to adapt the technology to your processes instead of your processes adapting to a technology.

In this project we have developed an application of requests to Back Office and sales record aimed to minimize the administrative tasks times as much as possible. This project also includes the optimization from different dimensions. The application is designed on the premise of being completely user friendly, facilitating its use and learning curve at any time.

The application has been developed in a BPM system that, once the management and processing processes are unified, allows the tasks to be distributed to the agents through a load balancer and to evaluate their performance. In addition, this application serves both Front Office and Back Office agents, since the entire management trace is collected in each request allowing real-time feedback on both openings and management flows.

Client: Caser


Processes optimization: Application for audits

 In this project we developed an application for audits designed to collect and analyze in real-time the quality results evaluated by 20 people simultaneously.

In the past, the evaluations were documented in a Excel file and the equipment no longer supported recording the information in that format. In addition, the feedback from the agents was done on paper. As main objectives it was established the collection of results online, automatically deliver feedback to agents and reduce FTE’s in administrative tasks.

The project was initially implemented in the quality area and, after achieving a 40% reduction of the time in audit processes, it has been implemented as a registration methodology for all the operational quality areas of the company. The application will allow real-time feedback to be delivered to the agents and their results collected.

Client: Correos


Text & Speech Analytics: Business reports

Customer conversations are one of the richest, most varied and most honest information sources available to a brand. Their treatment must be done by using technology and expert advisors who guarantee the quality of information.

Our client needed to go further, thinking outside the box, and discovering new information that would allow him to improve the customer experience. To do this, they relied on us to carry out a Text and Speech analytics project with which to draw information from their historical data to convert them into present value.

 Campaigns optimization

 The project consists of the development of nine campaigns of service emission implementing a more efficient dialing algorithm to guarantee the integrity of the information and real-time control.

The main objective is to change the traditional contact format towards an omnichannel and multimanagement format to make a qualitative and quantitative leap in campaigns.

Client: Endesa


Processes optimization: Operational digital agenda

 Customer focus is essential. Sometimes we lose the customer focus when the management is surrounded by processes and additional tasks. In ABAI, we have designed our self-schedule system, to reserve the time of our agents for your clients.

This system allows to separate the management time from the time dedicated to the client, giving more satisfactory experiences to the user and discharging the employee from the online management.