Customer Experience

Customer experience transformation occurs by leveraging data provided by them and extract knowledge from what customers are talking about, their behaviour, and experiences with brands. And in these points of contact with the brand is when the customers reveals themselves with more freedom and sincerity.

Millions of interactions are worked on annually in the Contact Center, such as the expression of the customer, the results, their behavior, etc. All this offers us real-time information about your brand’s portfolio.

At ABAI Group our experts catalog, analyze and order this information to facilitate your decision-making in all areas of the organization and get ideas and innovations based on data.

Our certified area works every day to provide you the measurements and results of your decisions aimed at visualize and monitor the results of your measurements.

An customer experience service to update your business.

Voice of the Customer Analysis

Our experts are certified in Customer Experience and use our Speech and Text Analytics platform to classify the voice of the customer and identify the improvements and weaknesses of your service. You can access to information through a dynamic report where you will able to carry out your own analysis.

Customer Journey Analysis

We design and analyze your Customer Journey turning events into KPI’s to identify profitability improvement points over the flow. We monitorice the measurements to guarantee their implementation and compliance of the same.

Customer satisfaction

We use natural language processing techniques to identify areas of improving in customer satisfaction by advanced analytics. We develop your second stage NPS; you can identify real promoters or those who have suggestions, discover the list of detractors with the capacity to become promoters and carry out high-impact micro-campaigns.