Employee Experience

The employee profile and experience are key in terms of its performance in customer interactions.

In ABAI Group we are fully aware and for that reason we design and provide a dynamic Contact Center service, using profiling and gamification techniques to maintain our agents motivated, because they are the element with more impact in the customer relationship.

We use practical simulators to identify the native capabilities of our agents. We identify their profiles through advanced Machine Learning techniques that allow us to adapt profiles to sociological changes in real-time.

We use real-time gamification to improve the perception of reward for effort and to modify the motivational factors, adapting them to the profitability model of our services at all times.

Employee Experience

There is a critical link between EX and employees engagement; and high-engagement companies have seen an increase of 4% in sales growth. A carefully designed employee experience is rapidly becoming a necessity to compete in the war for talent.


Gamification is a growing trend in the employee engagement that use a digital environment to help them with their business objectives. The employee receives and views in real-time its points, status and rewards as compliance improves. A properly designed gamification system tests efficiency improvement up to 6%.

Employee profile

We use advanced simulation techniques, tests designed in our e-learning system and measurement of results to create and define the action profiles in services. It is essential relocate people according to their abilities and talents to reduce absenteeism and improve their involvement.