Processes Optimization

Business Process Reengineering (BPR) provides opportunities to your brand to obtain operational improvements and cost savings.

The balance between lower operating costs and a better customer service is only achievable through a detailed and exhaustive process analysis, considering that brands are faced with maintaining the balance of quality and cost in all cost optimization scenarios.

From ABAI Group, we work on your business processes by redoing the flows to help you achieving clean and efficient processes without losing focus on excellence.

Our certificated staff in LEAN methodology use our applications platform to digitize and automate processes, allowing you to target your resources to the tasks that really create value.

Processes Analysis

We break down your process to redesign it reducing operating times and speed up delivery. Our technical and operational team put everything back into production without incurring shutdown of service. The application of the LEAN philosophy allows us to achieve efficiency improvement rates of over 40%.

Design of BMP applications

We design ad hoc business process applications to digitize your operation. A measured process provides a real-time view, which allows you to reduce errors and anticipate loss of efficiency. We design the application that you need to step up in digital transformation.

RPA Robotization

We use our RPA technology to automate the tasks of your contact center, reducing up to 80% the time of standard administrative tasks and improving the time of specialized tasks by up to 30%.