Back Office

Increasingly, customers are seeking more comprehensive experiences. This generates contacts that result in a number of administrative tasks and quality works, which end being developed in the back office areas and increasing costs.

The low efficiency existing in the back office departments causes bottlenecks in the delivery process, reducing the profitability of the investment in customer experience, leaving the outcomes to end in missed opportunities.

In ABAI Group we work your back office area from the digitization and automation perspective. We use our RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and BMP (Business Management Process) systems to speed up processes and optimize costs to the maximum.

Maintaining your business processes agile and digitized is fundamental, and for this it is essential to measure. Our Cloud systems record each step while our LEAN methodology experts design the best process flow for you.

So you can focus on the most important thing, your customers.

Sales activation

We support your sales process with complete tracking. We carry out the procedure to facilitate the work in the Front. Our organized tracking through Workflows and our alert tools guarantee the maximum adherence in the fulfillment of the procedures.

Quality Assurance

Leave the verification and guarantee processes in our QA experts hands. We design a report in our Big Data environment so you can follow your outcomes in real-time to minimize reconfirmation time and keep your sales intact.