Customer Services

We use the satisfactory experience of our employees and our Big Data platform to have positive customer impact on all calls, messaging, chat and any type of interaction.

Each small interaction matters for creating or destroying supports to your brand. A 2-minute interaction can lead to an experience that lasts for years.

For that reason, in ABAI Group we focus on achieving the best in every contact with your client, always working on the basis of your brand’s business KPIs.

Our agile methodology allows us to integrate changes as quickly as you need and our analytical approach let us to measure impact in real-time.

We use our artificial intelligence system to anticipate improvement opportunities, always offering the best service in every contact.


Our customer services prioritize quality and customer satisfaction through the first contact resolution. By guaranteeing this resolution, we get fewer contacts, reducing costs and improving NPS.


Our loyalty processes always start with an in-depth analysis of the portfolio to guarantee the positive creation of opportunities. Misapplication of loyalty techniques generates destruction of portfolio instead of its growth.


We use our predictive technologies to proactively detect potential cases of cancellation. By using NLP techniques (Speech & Text Analytics) we define the most successful script in order to maximize the retention rate.