The saturation of marketing impacts has made direct channels, especially the contact center, the main source of return on investment in portfolio growth.

At ABAI Group we maximize the return on your portfolio of opportunities: database scoring, measurement of the conversion funnel or selection of specialized sales profiles are the basis of our expertise, among other techniques.

We digitize your sales service to avoid losing and destroying opportunities for your brand, because we know that the technological update is essential.

We work each opportunity as if it were unique in order to facilitate return in the form of brand growth. We use our WOW experience techniques to give the best image of your brand, both in successes and in the rest of your contacts, creating value beyond conversion.


We use our cluster analysis methodology to identify the segments with the highest productivity to maximize customer contracts and prioritize registrations.

Support to contracting

Through web customer tracking, we make it easy for users to contract by following their online movements for a friendly support experience and to reduce the loss of opportunities for low-tech profiles.

Click to call

One of the less intrusive channels with the highest probability of sale. We design your click to call portal to insert it on your website and we automatically connect our experts’ operation to streamline contact in real-time.


We custom design your need for information, facilitating the analysis and formats you need. Consumer surveys, recalibration of databases, data collection, lead generation, etc. We put at your disposal the analysis and aggregation layers that you need to offer you a 360º service.