Technical Support

First attention is not everything and technical services are already part of the customer experience fabric. The complexity of the services and products offered to satisfy the demand increasingly need these expert services.

Within the customer experience flow, the analysts catalog technical services as one of the hotspots of the customer life cycle. Leaving your technical services in second place within your strategy could have significant consequences for your portfolio and your brand.

At ABAI Group we specialize in building and training of the experts you need. We select people through our AI model, using capabilities and skills according to the sector they are targeting. We maintain their knowledge completely updated through our digital learning system and we put at your disposal the most advanced channels to optimize the user resolution process.

We guarantee maximum efficiency through real-time training, the knowledge basis and involvement of our experts.

Technical Support

We select and prepare your technical assistance level using our knowledge database system. We extend the resolution of processes dynamically and showing dynamic aids on screen to streamline the resolution process.

Expert Attention

Using our employee profile classification database, we create your service with the agents that best fit your service to guarantee their involvement. We provide you the staff of experts with the best capabilities and skills to facilitate the resolution of complex incidents.

Remote Assistance

Using our omnichannel platform, we provide support over a remote connection using video assistance in order to provide a complete experience of support and streamline diagnosis time. Through our systems with augmented reality, we suggest the user indications to streamline the resolution process and deliver a satisfactory experience to all customer profiles.