IA Conversational

Self-management is an increasingly widespread premise due to the search for information and problems solving by a digitized market. Automated response and attention solutions are an essential condition to maintain a digital presence.

In ABAI Group we use our language processing techniques to process the interactions base of our clients, designing chatbots and voice bots trained from the user’s perspective.

We combine our bots with agents to facilitate screening and prioritization of interactions with potential conversion, using the information collected by the bot to show recommendations to the agent, streamlining the customer service process.


We design our chatbots using conversational technology of Google. We develop a scheme of intentions based on our extensive experience in the customer voice. When the client’s query exceeds the chatbot’s skills, it refers management to a second agent level, thus completing the resolution experience without harming the client experience.

Voice bot

We succeed in integrating our bots in telephone calls by connecting our conversational intelligence system with TTS and STT technologies. The implementation of voice bot in calls allows the creation of second level IVRs, where the first level of attention is provided by automation, allowing the redirection of contacts in a more efficient way.