Smart Data

The application of multichannel has turned the processes of analysis of the customer relationship into one of the most complex works. The multiple databases, systems and channels that make up contact platforms offer versatility in exchange for visibility.

In ABAI Group we are experts working on data analysis in customers relationship. We identify the data sources, automate their obtaining, deploy the data lake and design the relationship universe.

We identify the key KPI’s to create alerts and smart systems to help you in decision-making. We develop ad hoc predictive models about indicators to help you to implement proactive methodology.

The reduction of costs in administrative time and the improvement of income derived from preventive and proactive actions will help you take a quantitative leap in your profitability.


We develop a custom visualization system. Our visualization platform allows you to get answer in real-time. Access from your computer or mobile device. We ensure the control of your operations and the integrity of your data end to end, and we eliminated the hours of work in the construction of reports.

Operational Analytic

Having all the degrees of information relationship in your channels is essential to exploit the customer experience. We design the relationships of your data model and adapt Big Data technology to your needs. We personalize your KPI’s and correct the calculations based on obtaining data from your systems, all fully automatically.

Predictive Analytic

We convert your historical information into a current value. We create and store predictive models so that yesterday’s information is used in today’s and tomorrow’s decision-making. Anticipate unresolved calls, detect detractors before assessment, know your expected call volume for the month, adjust your sales forecast, etc.