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Speech Analytics

More than just a conversation

Identifying the reason for the call

Conversations with customers are one of the richest, most varied and accurate sources of information a company has access to. These conversations should be managed using technology and expert advisors who can guarantee the quality of the information.

Our client needed to go one step further and think outside of the box to access new information that would allow them to improve the customer experience.

So, they invited us to undertake a Text and Speech Analytics project to extract information from their historical data that they could make use of now.

Digital Quality Assurance

Moving towards digital auditing

Real-time communication between Front and Back Office.

Guaranteeing investment in leads and contacts from data sources is not an easy task. It is vitally important to keep data up-to-date and well-managed as well as ensuring the information flows as automatically as possible.

So, for our client, we have developed a real-time communication system between front and back office, reducing the time between a sale and its validation, which means we can guarantee a higher quality service and a greater ability to act on interactions.

This minimises lost conversions caused by poor quality service by 35%.

+FCR & +Calidad

Digital Contact Experience

A fully digital contact centre.

By incorporating the latest natural language processing and Big Data technologies, we have developed a fully digital control umbrella. Fundamental basis for the improvement achieved: 200% faster reporting processes, 70% reduction in cases passed onto the second level. This result was achieved by implementing state-of-the-art technologies to automatically determine training needs and give real-time correction and feedback combined with full control over key business ratios and KPIs in a visual environment.

New Acquisition Strategies

  • Specific Transition Plan, starting the process with a Consultant in the internal call centre, gathering information on procedures and protocols before launching the platform.

  • Adapting the level of resources needed to match the level of activity (busy months and quiet months)

  • Continuous improvement of services provided, participating in key meetings about market demand in the sector.

  • In terms of quality, clients have given us scores of 98 and 100% for services provided.

New Lead Generation Models

Social media services for clients in 6 languages (Spanish, French, Portuguese, English, German and Italian).

We manage Twitter and Facebook accounts and are hoping to offer Instagram support too.

The team manages mentions on social media; the customer is directed towards private messages, and their claim or question is handled from there (90% of this communication is customer service). There is also a protocol for dealing with trolls. When something serious is detected, it is identified and passed directly onto the relevant country, particularly to marketing departments who can take steps to resolve the issue.

In terms of volume, we are managing about 6,000 interactions a month. These interactions are conversations started; each one could include several exchanges with the customer.

Most interactions take place on .com and .fr sites.

Offline conversions

Sales AI

Applying our best practices to acquisition services.

Improvement plans aimed at boosting results.
Continuous team training to build a highly qualified workforce.
Increase in sales vs. goal: +15%
Average Handle Time on calls: 4 minutes, 30 seconds.

Our clients are no strangers to the idea because this is what they have experienced with us.

Technology, banking, insurance, retail… it doesn’t matter what you do, it matters who you do it with.

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