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Abai Digital Suite is the company’s commitment to become a great player in the optimization of the process operation, consulting and operational digital transformation
With this platform, Abai helps its clients to become a benchmark in their sector

ABAI Group, has designed Abai Digital Suite (ADS), its integrated solutions platform, with a disruptive approach based on the creation of value through the development of innovative technological solutions, which are integrated into the digital transformation process of clients.

With Abai Digital Suite, the company makes a strategic bet based on technological solutions, aimed at meeting the needs that have arisen in its clients in such a way that they can adapt to the changes experienced by their respective markets quickly, with the highest productivity and quality possible.

Abai Digital Suite is an agile platform, configurable and compatible with the CRM of its clients that allows to interconnect all the activity of people and systems, providing traceability of the interactions that occur in the entrusted management or with its end clients.

The client finds in ADS the precise data of what is happening in his business at the present moment, measuring it and seeking continuous improvement of the process, so that the resolution is perfect and the customer experience is extraordinary.

Abai Digital Suite is based on three strategic elements: automation on demand, an autonomous control system and the intelligent distribution of tasks for which Abai Group has created different solutions, among which the following stand out:

Smart Working, which allows the digitization of management tasks and processes to work in a digital model, both in telework and in the office.
Smart Data, which automates data processing and visualization processes to facilitate decision-making.
Voice Analytics, a tool that transcribes and analyzes the voice of the end customer to detect high-impact events, automate quality processes and discover business opportunities.
Conversational AI. It uses advanced AI models in chat bot and voice bot with a high degree of resolution.
Automation of any process using RPA and BPM to help eliminate downtime.
Omnichannel, through the construction and design of an omnichannel strategy, to deliver a 360º service to end customers with maximum efficiency.
Customer Experience. Abai Digital Suite solves the design and measurement of the Customer Journey in an automated way, measuring the effect of business actions on the overall result of companies.
In the words of Carlos Fernandez, Director of Innovation at ABAI Group, “the implementation of ADS has allowed us to experience measurable and quantifiable improvements in the different processes of the organizations. With the platform we are achieving improvements of up to 150% in productivity and up to 30% in profitability in customer interaction processes.

In the processes related to customer acquisition in the different channels, ADS increases conversion by over 10%, contact by 12% and reduces sales cancellation by 30%. Likewise, in the field of back office processes, Abai Digital Suite has increased productivity by up to 40% using workflow technology and intelligent distribution of tasks.

ADS is without a doubt the competitive difference that companies need to align the information of their business with the maximization of their revenue budget ”.