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Abai Group strengthens its remote technical support service for companies

By febrero 15, 2021diciembre 20th, 2022News

With this service, ABAI Group uses the technology, agility and experience of its team of professionals to help companies continue to focus on the «core» of their business. It makes available to its clients the expert technical support that is so necessary to maintain productivity and guarantee business processes and the client relationship.


ABAI Group, reinforces its Remote Technical Support service to cover the technical needs of companies in a transversal way in all their processes and areas.

The speed with which teleworking has been implemented and the intensification of remote connections has meant that some companies have seen their traditional support services overwhelmed. In many of them, when changing to this new production model, employees are developing their activity in a decentralized way, without face-to-face access to support technicians in the offices and with a much more varied casuistry of incidents.

Faced with this new reality, ABAI Group has expanded the focus of its Technical Support service, aimed mainly at companies to help them meet the need to reinforce and adapt their remote and expert Technical Support needs.

ABAI Group combines experts and technology to offer comprehensive support to employees at different levels, with the following services:


Multi-device: Mobile, Tablet, PC.
Online: Chat, Call, App.
Offline: Webform, e-mail.

Secure and encrypted connection.
Portable client, without installation.
National and redundant coverage.
SLA’s guarantee.

Incident management dashboard.
Cloud access to the history and visualization of KPIs.
Control and prediction of alerts.
Online support: immediate support and control.
Basic robotic processes, RPA.

Support to operational teams and managers.
Quick and transparent remote access easy for employees
Application update
Video-support and shared desktop and advanced office support and 24 × 7 attention
In addition, ABAI Group services incorporate two essential elements. On the one hand, total security with secured and encrypted connections, redundant national coverage and guarantee and SLA’as. And on the other, it is a multi-device solution, and available online and offline.

One service, three levels

ABAI Group has designed its service on three levels. In the first, Level 0, the user receives immediate automatic attention. At Level 1, you will be served by certified systems technicians with the ability to resolve, manage and monitor incidents. It is an agile and efficient Help Desk. And finally, at Level 2, support comes from experts in different disciplines, who deal with the most complex incidents, completing the group’s Service Desk portfolio.

In the words of Ignacio Sánchez Gacituaga, from Renfe’s Directorate General for Development and Strategy, “At Renfe we ​​have had the CAU service through ABAI Group for more than 14 years. We are certified in the UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 since 2006 with your support and advice. At Renfe we ​​carry out surveys of the perceived value of our employees annually, and they demonstrate a level of satisfaction with the support service (8.41 out of 10) and a great user experience supported by ABAI Group experts. I would especially like to highlight the speed and efficiency with which they deployed their telework solutions in our service, guaranteed quality and availability during the COVID-19 crisis ”.