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Increase of competitive services capacities

Omnichannel management allows for reduced operating costs through single queue management. It also facilitates the user’s choice of the preferred communication channel at any given moment, keeping a unique history of all interactions to date. Similarly, it also increases the productivity of services and campaigns, the efficiency in the management of contacts and operational results.

Our omnichannel system generates an excellent contact experience, distributes interactions intelligently and chooses the best qualified or default agent for each case, through intelligence models that learn from best practices automatically.

We build the experience across traditional and digital channels in a 360° format to help our clients deliver the best user experience by maximising customer satisfaction and efficiency in customer contact processes. We also design an outbound GDPR compliance experience to help you find new customers in the most secure and consistent way.


Phone, Mail, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, Chat, Stores and many more.

Advanced multi-mode voice dialling technologies.

Automatic messaging.

Multiple campaigns with blending and lists with automatic prioritisation.

Dynamic management and update of contact lists and backlists.

Integration with front-end applications, forms and scripts.

Advanced administration of dialling rules.


Improving customer experience by including advanced IVR/ITR/IMR technologies

Elimination of waiting in line, reducing operational costs by automating omni-channel management processes.

Incorporation of advanced Artificial Intelligence capabilities (VoiceBot/ChatBot and Virtual Assistant).

Creation of channel strategies that maximise results at the lowest cost based on the mix between automated and human contacts.


Omnichannel distribution

Web engagement

C2C and video call

Webchat y videochat

WhatsApp, email and social media


Digital humans

We meet your needs

Attraction and recovery

We attract new customers through customisation, gamifying the results, and we anticipate potential cancellations with predictive technology

Loyalty and retention

We manage loyalty and retention, starting with an analysis of the portfolio in order to apply the best techniques and maximise results

Back Office

We speed up processes and optimise costs by digitising and automating your back-office tasks


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November 11, 2022