For the telecommunications sector, excellent customer service is essential. It is a highly competitive industry in which any incident, however minor, can result in the loss of a customer if they are not given the support they demand.

This is how we at ABAI work for telcos

One of the most important companies in this industry contracted our services in the following areas in order to effectively respond to the large volume of monthly calls it was receiving:

Global customer service (individuals and companies)

Direct sales and portability

After-sales service

Claims service and processing (billing, logistics and orders both via telephone and on the website)

Back-office management

Customer loyalty and retention

Positive results throughout the customer journey

Furthermore, thanks to our extensive expertise in the sector and in the field of customer service, our one-stop call answering service has not only allowed us to attend to any enquiry from the company’s customers, but also to do so with a very high degree of satisfaction. By being able to resolve the reason for the call, we conclude the process by offering the consumer new products that they do not have, always in keeping with the product/service priorities defined in conjunction with the operator.

The results have been (and continue to be) very positive, and the operator is seeing how, by guiding consumers throughout their customer journey and guaranteeing personalised and excellent customer service, the loyalty rates of its customers and the purchase of new products are increasing.


  • More than 30 years of service
  • Relevant experience due to its size, complexity of the multiskill management required
  • Incorporation of the technical support service and service offices in 2022 (SDG)


More than 500,000 calls a month


Over 1,750 agents distributed on 5 platforms

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