In the automotive sector, the use of technology to interact with customers is crucial. There are many questions that are asked and numerous variables in play depending on the product. Proper service, especially in areas such as car rental, where many bookings are made without seeing the vehicle, can influence the number of customers in a business’s portfolio.

This is how we at ABAI work for the automotive industry

One of the leading organisations in the rent-a-car business needed an effective solution to deal with the large volume of calls it received (and which, moreover, increased during holiday periods). We addressed its needs through the following services:

Reservation management

Customer service (before, during and after the rental)

Desktop chat.

Landline call return

Mobile chat

Mobile call return

Highly favourable results in 11 countries

Furthermore, thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the sector, we managed to provide information to the customer by phone to answer questions and help them make the booking. Our system made it possible to implement any type of modification in the terms of the reservations, cancellations, data reports and upselling. But also in the processing and follow-up of claims, the processing of fines and duplicate invoices.

The results were truly satisfactory, since the company also managed to set up a multilingual hub that is able to meet the demands of customers from eleven countries (Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand).


  • Maximum seasonal coverage of up to 30%
  • Implementation of telework in under 7 business days
  • Tools implemented for disabled people


From 100,000 events (2007) to more than 2,500,000 in 2022


Over 90 people in 10 languages.

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