In the healthcare sector, the patient must be at the centre of any strategy, process and operation. This is an industry where creating a global healthcare management environment that lets people access all their clinical information is fundamental, as is providing a more accessible and transparent service.

This is what we at ABAI are doing for the healthcare sector

In order to provide an effective response to the document management needs of patients’ clinical reports, ABAI worked for an organization in the sector in the following areas:

Design a service architecture that reduces wait times.

Use of new self-service, AI and robotization technologies to handle queries much more effectively.

Redesign of all the processes.

Improved customer service platform to guarantee quality service.

Completely interactive web portal, with access to the most advanced health procedures.

Segmentation and processing of healthcare requests.

Interactions through digital channels; traditional channels focused on better service for vulnerable people.

Innovative technologies and agile methodologies to improve the service quality

At ABAI, we tackle the challenge of creating a better quality service by relying on three fundamental pillars:  process reengineering, the incorporation of innovative technologies, and the implementation of a technological project based on agile methodologies.

Our service systems constantly collect objective data and opinions from users to implement high-impact improvements in the app, on websites and in patient care channels. The result is a noticeable upgrade in managing demand and in the user experience.

This commitment to co-creating value with our customers and with users rounds out our goal of designing solutions that create value in people’s everyday lives.


  • 94% improvement in customer service thanks to a high-quality operating model and advanced management technologies.
  • Increased user satisfaction thanks to a 32% reduction in wait times.
  • Improved user digital experience by adding features to the app.

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