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At ABAI, we carry out projects for the world's leading companies

We have a large team of experts and the best technologies to deal with any incident, manage a high volume of monthly calls, respond to the needs of consumers on every channel and at any point of contact, and automate processes.


Thanks to innovative technologies and streamlined methodologies, we have worked to improve patient care and experience, helping to guarantee a quality service, shorter wait times and easier access to clinical information.

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We have increased our customer’s loyalty rates while also guaranteeing a very high degree of satisfaction in interactions and very positive results throughout the customer journey.

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Our system has streamlined customer service and operations management. We have also helped to implement a multilingual hub that is able to meet the demands of customers in eleven countries.

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We have helped our customer increase the number and interactions, reduce the time invested in them and consolidate and increase its portfolio.

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Thanks to our expertise and to the professionals who make up ABAI worldwide, we work with organisations in all types of industries, such as telco, banking, digital, government, energy, healthcare, industry, insurance, retail and utilities.


With our solutions, you can maximise your results. By providing an optimal user and customer experience, we guide you in all your business processes, paving the way to open new horizons.

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At ABAI we make your business transformation a reality.