In the energy sector, a service to fully manage the telephone calls to the organisation’s call centre is essential. Given the rising energy prices, there is a great demand for quality and affordable services, so consumers are on the lookout for any new developments in the sector. This makes it very important to engage in fluid and direct communications with users to ensure not only the best products, but also the best possible service.

This is how we at ABAI work for energy companies

In order to respond effectively to the great demand for information on cheaper and more efficient energy, one of the most important companies in the industry contracted our services in the following areas:

Support services for the different channels for engaging with customers through non-telephone means: back-office teams, SMS, email, etc.

Teleshopping services to capture and recover records and other details on products.

Improved service at all contact points

Thanks to our extensive expertise, the customer service team has managed to optimise its processes. As a result, it has perfected its processing of telephone calls and its handling of the problems reported by customers with satisfactory results, always in keeping with predefined criteria and procedures.

In addition, the personalised and real-time handling of their demands, thanks to multisite management and a reserve staff brought on during peak call periods, has paid off. The company was able to increase the number of interactions, reduce the time invested in them, and is managing to consolidate and increase its customer portfolio.


  • Reduction in TMO of up to 40% in 2021.
  • Assistance developing Watson’s intelligence through a training BO
  • Development of a robotic system that interacts with agents in real time to increase efficiency.


More than 150,000 interactions a month in CAT


Over 500 agents distributed on the platforms in León (Spain), Lisbon (Portugal) and Manizales (Colombia)

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