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Digital marketing

We stimulate demand and achieve the best results

At ABAI, we know that digital marketing is essential for companies to reach their users or consumers, boost their sales and become (and remain) leaders in their sector.

Thanks to our extensive expertise and to the most innovative solutions, we impact the target audience through every window and space in the digital world, identifying current and future needs and providing the appropriate responses (products, services, etc.) to meet demand.

Our operational architecture integrates 2 key areas (lead generation and sales) in real time, guaranteeing:
– An increased conversion rate
– A lower CPA (cost per acquisition)
– High scalability (volume of leads and sales generated)


Lead generation through ML and AI

Database acquisition and filtering through segmentation models

Design and creation of ad hoc landing pages for brands

Generation of dedicated leads to drive both sales and contacts

Boost your brand image

Definition of specific integrated actions


Team of experts specialising in digital marketing

Real-time conversion in multiple traditional and digital channels

Access to geo segmented and enhanced databases with more than 2.1 billion customers.

Double your conversion rate with our integrated process.

We lower the purchase cost

Extensive expertise in vertical markets to achieve maximum adaptation

In-depth knowledge of user expectations and behaviours

Analytical CRM model and competitive database intelligence

At ABAI we make
the transformation
of your business a reality


Lead generation

Optimisation of the user’s digital experience

Reduction of touch points

Improved onboarding processes

Churn and ARPU analysis

Monitoring of current plans and campaign optimisation in real time

Positioning and branding

Inbound marketing

Outbound marketing

Selective capture

Study of digital audiences and design of customer studies

Customer lab

Other solutions

Attraction and recovery

We attract new customers through customisation, gamifying the results, and we anticipate potential cancellations with predictive technology

Loyalty and retention

We manage loyalty and retention, starting with an analysis of the portfolio in order to apply the best techniques and maximise results

Back Office

We speed up processes and optimise costs by digitising and automating your back-office tasks

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