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Customer and talent retention

There is a real battle in today’s labour market to retain and attract talent. Competitiveness has grown exponentially, affecting both employees and organisations themselves.

For companies to improve in this regard, there are three key areas they have to focus on: generating a brand image, adapting to new work models, and the employee experience and customer experience.

Generating a brand image

Generating a brand image is essential to attracting customers. It is difficult to develop this concept, since it is not easy to find room in the minds of consumers for the attributes we want to convey, especially if we are relatively new to the market.

New work models

The pandemic has completely changed the existing work models: we are transitioning to a hybrid model in which employees must always be at the centre of any activity or decision.

In this sense, flexibility is here to stay. When choosing a new job, workers look for flexible remuneration options, the choice to telework, compressed work days or having more free time to be with their family and friends.

Predictive technology

At a time when vendors are constantly bombarding businesses with offers to improve their infrastructure, processes, services or bottom line, it is more important than ever to have predictive technology to proactively reduce cancellation rates.

Natural language processing techniques (such as text or speech analysis) can be used to extract information from historical data and convert it into something of value today. Companies can also study the customer journey and identify potential conflicts that result in the cancellation of a contract or service.

What we can do for you

At ABAI, we have the resources and tools your company needs to adapt to new organisational models, so you can implement teleworking or hybrid work models in as little as 7 days. We are fully aware of the needs demanded by employees, and we can advise you on offering an appealing proposition that includes flexibility and promotes work-life balance without affecting productivity in the slightest.

We also have predictive analytical solutions that will help you retain customers and stay competitive in your sector. Our solutions will let you think outside the box and discover new information that you can use to improve your customer experience.

Other challenges

Regulatory compliance

New business models

Digital services for citizens