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We humans

We humans, at the tech forefront in customer experience

We humans

At Abai, through We Humans we design, develop and implement personalized digital humans with generative artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology that are capable of interacting in any digital environment to support any business.

Formed by an interdisciplinary team of experts in the areas of artificial intelligence, front and back development, 3D design and computational linguistics, we offer an innovative and personalized experience for the interaction between humans and machines.

Our digital humans see, hear, speak, understand and learn by recreating “real” conversations, providing our clients with an industry-leading customer service solution, driven by innovation and technical excellence.

How do we do it?

Our Digital Humans have an artificial intelligence brain built with the best natural language engines capable of understanding the user through voice, text or gestures on the screen and being able to transmit the maximum message in less time.

They can integrate with any system through automation and robotics to execute the necessary actions, offering a complete resolution paradigm. As well as consulting, reading, modifying, in short, transacting with the information systems that support the entire process.

In what environments do we operate?

Environment refers to the operating context of the AI agent, which can range from:

Applications that work under business and business processes

Mobile devices


Complex virtual environments and o

Devices such as Urban Furniture as Information Points (MUPIs).

The design and capabilities of the agent are adapted to the specific environment in which it will operate, maximizing its usefulness and efficiency.

Integration and functionalities

Lead capture.

Satisfaction surveys.

Payment gateway.

Appointment booking.

Online training.

Obtaining files.

And many more

Advantages of the We Humans solution

The Role of Digital Humans

Download below the ebook The New Era of Digital Care, where we will explore in depth the role of digital humans in the era of digital care, the process of creating them, the technologies that shape their appearance and personality and how they can help companies improve their customer service, optimize their business processes and increase brand value.

Use Cases

These use cases aim to show how this technology redefines our interaction with digitalization, from the automation of tasks to the personalization of experiences, offering efficiency and a new dimension in the human-machine relationship.

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At ABAI we make the transformation of your business a reality