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Technical support

The best ITIL practices applied to the service operation phase

We provide remote technical support through ITIL best practices applied to incidents, tickets, support forms, problems or technical complaints. With our professionals, who specialise in the service operation phase, and our technology, we provide functions corresponding to an automatic zero level, a first and second level.


A digital knowledge base to share knowledge

Dynamic process resolution and dynamic overview

Model to deploy troubleshooting resources

Case diagnosis process

Studies and actions aimed at each incident type

Programmes to improve FAQ and knowledge


Multilevel support team specialising in different areas

Specialists trained in managing offline and online support

Team with experience in omnichannel support

Training team specialising in different areas


Technical and remote support

Personalised service from experts

Omnichannel technology with shared support and video support

Incident support and streamlining in telework format

KPI measurements: % of recurrence and escalation, resolution time and cost,

We meet your needs

Attraction and recovery

We attract new customers through customisation, gamifying the results, and we anticipate potential cancellations with predictive technology

Loyalty and retention

We manage loyalty and retention, starting with an analysis of the portfolio in order to apply the best techniques and maximise results

Back Office

We speed up processes and optimise costs by digitising and automating your back-office tasks


Our projects are our best calling card. Learn about some of our success stories and find out how we improve our customers’ results.



January 3, 2023


November 29, 2022


November 11, 2022