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Digital humans

Combining 3D models with natural voices

Through Wehumans, an ABAI company, we develop digital humans capable of offering a 360º communicative experience through realistic 3D avatars with natural voices generated by neural models.

Wehumans uses three communication formats: auditory, textual and visual to achieve the greatest communicative impact in the shortest possible time. We design the personality of your virtual customer service manager in digital channels that will improve the efficiency of the conversion funnel, the resolution rate and the satisfaction of your visitors.


Scalable and dynamic user support.

Contributing value to the user through an enriched and interactive experience.

Increase in the volume of leads generated among website visitors.

3D email and SMS campaigns customised with custom holograms


Real-time operations in 350 languages, with naturalised voices.

Two-way transcription of all conversations.

Display of emotions and audio-visual content to promote the brand’s commercial offer.

Online sentiment recognition to modify digital human reactions.

Can be integrated into all digital channels.


Multimedia communication

Customised communication

3rd party integration

Omnichannel capabilities

Complex process guide

Accessible FAQs and CRC

Guía de procesos de venta

Lead collection

Web support

We meet your needs

Attraction and recovery

We attract new customers through customisation, gamifying the results, and we anticipate potential cancellations with predictive technology

Loyalty and retention

We manage loyalty and retention, starting with an analysis of the portfolio in order to apply the best techniques and maximise results

Back Office

We speed up processes and optimise costs by digitising and automating your back-office tasks


Our projects are our best calling card. Learn about some of our success stories and find out how we improve our customers’ results.



January 3, 2023


November 29, 2022


November 11, 2022